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What are three components provided by an Infrastructure as a Service provider?

A.    storage
B.    network
C.    compute
D.    database
E.    applications
F.    object storage

Answer: BDF

Which two options describe security measures for people within a cloud solution?

A.    Data Policy Management
B.    Data and Information Security
C.    Threat and Intrusion Protection
D.    Physical and Personal Security
E.    Identity and Access Management

Answer: CE

The integration process in the IBMCloud Computing Reference Architecture relies heavily on whichoption?

A.    CloudStack
B.    Virtualization
C.    Cloud Foundry
D.    silos of computing

Answer: B

What are two types of services offered by a Platform as a Service implementation?

A.    virtual desktops
B.    virtual appliances
C.    application management
D.    programming environments
E.    business process representation

Answer: BD

Which statement is true regarding a private cloud?

A.    It is dedicated to a single customer.
B.    It is composed of a combination of cloud providers.
C.    It employs cloud bursting for scaling across clouds.
D.    Communication is affected over a non-trusted network.

Answer: C

What is a typical grid computing usage scenario?

A.    Users get root access to remote instances and install and deploy their own applications configuring the environment for executing MPI applications.
B.    Users run applications on a computing infrastructure comprised by a collection of homogeneous nodes that share I/O facilities, operating system processes, and appear as single system.
C.    Developers build applications that require a large number of computing resources beyond the size of the local department computing facilities and submit the application for execution to internet scale computing infrastructures.
D.    Developers have a limited amount of investments for running their web applications and decide to leverage Computing as a Service solutions to increase their investments in computer resources as their applications become more popular.

Answer: B

What are two examples of Advanced Cloud Service Provider services as described in the Cloud Service Provider Adoption Pattern of the IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture V4?

A.    platform services
B.    customizable store front
C.    virtual machine snapshots
D.    patch management services
E.    brokering of third-party cloud services

Answer: AC

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