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An installed HP Superdome / Oracle database customer is consider migrating to POWER8 .

The customer has significant financial concerns because of the multiple partitions and high Oracle licensing cost of their HP solution.
What features / capability of POWERS should be discussed with this customer?

A.    Processor pooling and high performance cores
B.    PowerVP and PowerSC
C.    CUoDandCAPI
D.    Shared Storage and Processor roadmap

Answer: D

What is a major differentiator with the IBM Solution for Hadoop – Power Systems Edition, compared to Hadoop on x86?

A.    The IBM solution provides fixed configurations for hardware and software for easy deployment.
B.    The IBM solution uses MapReduce for scalability to thousands of servers.
C.    The IBM solution uses SSDs and faster interconnects.
D.    IBM hardware and software components are customizable for best price/performance

Answer: D

A department chain IT manager stated that their E870 processing requirements can experience unexpected short peaks throughout the day. They need to automatically activate cores and give them back when the processing requirements decrease.
Which Capacity on Demand offering will satisfy the customer’s requirements?

A.    Capacity Upgrade on Demand
B.    Utility
C.    Trial
D.    Elastic

Answer: B

Why is OpenPOWER strategically important for Power Systems customers?

A.    To support IBM i solutions for hybrid clouds
B.    To help integrate IBM Cloud with OpenStack for private cloud.
C.    To collaborate with companies and develop new Power solutions
D.    To enable community development of AIX and PowerVM.

Answer: A

A client wants a proposal for a POWER8 server to support deployment of a new mobile application. What information is most valuable to configure the new server?

A.    Programming language
B.    Types of mobile devices
C.    Expected transaction volume
D.    Security requirements

Answer: D

What is a performance monitoring product that is available on the E880?

A.    PowerSC
B.    PowerVP
C.    PowerVC
D.    PowerVM

Answer: C

Which management function is provided by IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack?

A.    Resource pooling and dynamic VM placement
B.    Ongoing optimization and VM resilience
C.    Electronic Service Agent for proactive hardware reporting
D.    End-user self-service provisioning and automation

Answer: C

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