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A.    Last day of March 2012B.    Last day of September 2012C.    Last day of March 2014D.    Last day of September 2014 Answer: BExplanation: (page 1, third paragraph, last sentence) QUESTION 82You are planning the new environment for a customer server consolidation project. Which tool properly sizes the hypervisor environment and creates a Bill of Materials (BOM)? A.    HP ProLiant server sizer for ESX ServerB.    HP Insight Software SizerC.    HP Smart Solution DesignerD.    HP Sizer for Citrix XenDesktop Answer: AExplanation:The HP Sizer for Server Virtualization is an automated, downloadable tool that provides quick and helpful sizing guidance for "best-fit" HP server and storage configurations running in VMware vSphere 5.0 or Microsoft Hyper-V R2 environments. The tool is intended to assist with the planning of virtual server deployment projects on HP server and storage technologies. It enables the user to quickly compare different solution configurations and produces a customizable server and storage solution complete with a detail Bill of Materials (BOM) that includes part numbers and prices QUESTION 83Which benefits does HP Matrix OE infrastructure orchestration functionality provide to customer? (Select two) A.    A role-based deployment solution for virtual and physical environmentsB.    An end-to-end systems management solutionC.    A benchmark solution for different server architecturesD.    A portal-driven migration path for existing virtual environmentsE.    A template-based service portal Answer: AEExplanation: (page 3, see provisioning storage for private cloud environments, third para) QUESTION 84What is a lightweight service that provides OS-level information to iLO? A.    Insight Management WBEM ProviderB.    Insight Management SNMP ProviderC.    Agent Based Management ServiceD.    Agentless Management Service Answer: DExplanation: QUESTION 85After booting Gen9 server into intelligent Provisioning and selecting Perform maintenance, Why is Firmware Update icon lighter than the other one the screenshot shown?  A.    There are no initial networking parametersB.    The system has not completed a full POST processC.    The user has insufficient permissionsD.    Firmware has just been updated Answer: DExplanation:Normally the icons gray out when there are insufficient permissions to access it. In this case, the icon is not grayed which means that the firmware has just been updated and there are not more firmware updates to download. QUESTION 86What is a limitation when configuring a server hardware solution using UDIMMs? A.    minimum amount of CPUs per channelB.    maximum size of DIMMs per channelC.    maximum number of DIMMs per channelD.    minimum speed of DIMMS per channel Answer: C QUESTION 87What is a typical usage of HP Matrix OE infrastructure orchestration functionality? (Select two) A.    Automatic movement of a virtual machine to a host with less loadB.    Dynamic server migration based on loadC.    Rapid provisioning and deprovisioning of complex infrastructure designsD.    Improved utilization of infrastructure resource through reservation and schedulesE.    Converting of an AMD virtual machine container to run on Intel Answer: CDExplanation: (page 10, see the last bulleted point on the page and the last 4th bulleted point) QUESTION 88A customer with a limited budget is planning to implement critical business unit. The company is projecting variable growth. The result of the system sizing, in an initial phase, is a solution containing eight servers with dual processors.Which BladeSystem supports the customer's needs? A.    HP c7000 enclosure with one OA, redundant Ethernet switches, and eight BL460c Gen9 serversB.    HP c3000 enclosure with one OA, redundant Ethernet switches, and eight BL460c serversC.    HP c7000 enclosure with one OA, redundant Ethernet switch, and fully populated with BL460c Gen9 serversD.    HP c3000 enclosure with one OA, one Ethernet switch and fully populated with BL460c Gen9 servers Answer: B QUESTION 89A customer bought 30 ProLiant DL360p Gen9 with 750 watt Platinum Power Supplies. Due to space restrictions, this configuration needs to be installed in the smallest possible footprint. The maximum estimated heatload will be 22.5KW. The data center is designated for a maximum load of 8 KW per rack.What is the best solution? A.    Use an HP 10642 G2 Rack with Top Exhaust Rack optionB.    Use an HP 10842 G2 Rack with Rack Root Mount Fan optionC.    Use an HP 10647 G2 Rack with Rack Airflow Optimization Kit OptionD.    Use an HP Modular Cooling System G2 Answer: AExplanation:The HP Modular Cooling System G2 is the next generation self-cooled rack for high density deployments in the datacenter. HP's new Bi-Directional cooling technology makes possible the simultaneous cooling of two racks with a single MCS G2 unit. The MCS G2 racks can cool up to 17.5kW per rack when cooling two racks or up to 35kW when cooling a single rack QUESTION 90You are planning an HP BladeSystem solution based on a c7000 enclosure. The customer has the connectivity requirement shown in the picture. Which interconnect configuration can you use to satisfy the customer's requirements?  A.    Virtual Connect Flex10 modules in interconnect bays 1 and 2 and virtual Connect 8 GB Fibre channel modules in bays 3 and fourB.    HP 10GbE Pass-Thru modules in interconnect bays 1 and 2 and Brocade 9 Gb switches in bays 3 and 4C.    Virtual Connect FlexFabric modules in increment bays 1 and 2D.    Procurve 6120/XG modules in interconnect bays 1 and 2 and Brocades 8 Gb SAN switches in bays 3 and 4 Answer: A !!!RECOMMEND!!! 1.Braindump2go|2016 Sep. NEW HP0-S42 PDF & HP0-S42 VCE 210Q&As Download: 2.Braindump2go|2016 Sep. 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