This page was exported from Braindump2go Exam Dumps PDF&VCE Examcollections [ ] Export date:Tue Jan 21 21:48:37 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [2017-New-Version]100% Success-Braindump2go 300-375 PDF 77Q Instant Download[41-50] --------------------------------------------------- 2017 Sep New 300-375 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated Today! Following are some new 300-375 Questions: 1.|2017 New 300-375 Exam Dumps (PDF &VCE) 77Q&As Download: 2.|2017 New 300-375 Exam Questions & Answers Download:   QUESTION 41When you configure BYOD access to the network, you face increased security risks and challenges. Which challenge is resolved by deploying digital client certificates? A.    managing the increase connected devicesB.    ensuring wireless LAN performance and reliabilityC.    providing device choice and supportD.    enforcing company usage policies Answer: D QUESTION 42Which option determines which RADIUS server is preferred the most by the Cisco WLC? A.    the Server Index (Priority) drop-down listB.    the server statusC.    the server IP addressD.    the port number Answer: A QUESTION 43Which two 802.11 methods can be configured to protect card holder data? (Choose two.) A.    CCMPB.    WEPC.    SSLD.    TKIPE.    VPN Answer: CE QUESTION 44An engineer requires authentication for WPA2 that will use fast rekeying to enable clients to roam from one access point to another without going through the controller. Which security option should be configured? A.    PSKB.    AESC.    Cisco Centralized key ManagementD.    802.1x Answer: C QUESTION 45A Cisco WLC has been added to the network and Cisco ISE as a network device, but authentication is failing. Which configuration within the network device configuration should be verified? A.    shared secretB.    device IDC.    SNMP RO communityD.    device interface credentials Answer: A QUESTION 46How many mobility peers can a Cisco Catalyst 3850-MC node have? A.    8B.    2C.    6D.    16E.    4 Answer: A QUESTION 47On which two ports does the RADIUS server maintain a database and listen for incoming authentication and accounting requests? (Choose two.) A.    UDP 1900B.    UDP port 1812C.    TCP port 1812D.    TCP port 1813E.    UDP port 1813 Answer: BE QUESTION 48An engineer must enable EAP on a new WLAN and is ensuring that the necessary components are available. Which component uses EAP and 802.1x to pass user authentication to the authenticator? A.    APB.    AAA serverC.    supplicantD.    controller Answer: D QUESTION 49A corporation has recently implemented a BYOD policy at their HQ. Which three risks should the security director be concerned about? (Choose three.) A.    unauthorized usersB.    rogue ad-hocsC.    software piracyD.    lost and stolen devicesE.    malwareF.    keyloggers Answer: ACE QUESTION 50Which client roam is considered the fastest in a wireless deployment using Cisco IOS XE mobility controllers and mobility agents? A.    Roam within stack membersB.    Inlet-SPG roamC.    Interdomain roamD.    Intermobility roamE.    lntra-SPG roam Answer: E !!!RECOMMEND!!!   1.|2017 New 300-375 Exam Dumps (PDF &VCE) 77Q&As Download:   2.|2017 New 300-375 Study Guide Video: YouTube Video: --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2017-09-28 08:17:43 Post date GMT: 2017-09-28 08:17:43 Post modified date: 2017-09-28 08:17:43 Post modified date GMT: 2017-09-28 08:17:43 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from